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Fishing in teh Pyrenees
Fishing Adventures in
Pyrenees - Spain

Outdoor Equipment And Tools For Fisherman

Fisherman tools and outdoor equipment including sinker moulds, fishing pliers, Solar light Cap by 2C.


The BUSHTEC range from Canvas and Tent is made for the Outdoor Adventurer. Rugged, efficient and strong, each of the products is designed to make your adventure as trouble-free as possible.

Grapnel Sinker Moulds

Dup Tel: 074 1037 036 Mail:

GuideGear SA

GuideLine is sophisticated, uncompromised and highly functional water-sports eyewear which is affordably priced and endorsed by countless enthusiasts - from professional anglers to weekend boaters.

Helber International Trading

Helber links the hunting, shooting, fishing and the outdoors enthusiast with a variety of products from across the globe. Helber provides full support, service exchange and full back up warranty and guarantees direct from the manufacturers.

Life Light - Flashlight

This LED rechargeable flashlight requires no batteries, is waterproof and floats - the ideal flashlight for the fisherman.

Solar Light Cap by 2C

Comfortable cap by day, Hands free headlight at night. 5000 hours FREE light solar energy! Essential piece of survival equipment...

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Protea Eco Adventures

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