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Fresh And Saltwater Fishes (South Africa)

Fresh Water Species

The Fish Species of South Africa

220 freshwater fishes occur in South Africa, of which 21 are threatened. There are more than 2 000 marine fish species, for which no information is available about threatened species. Many fish species are of economic importance. Most of the small barbels are valuable aquarium species, while the majority of the larger species are important angling species. The Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) is well known for the vigorous fight which it gives to the angler.

South Africa's Freshwater Species List

Lungfish Bluegill Sunfish
Bulldog Largemouth Bass
Oxeye Tarpon Smallmouth Bass
Longfin Eel Spotted Bass
Shortfin Eel Perch
African Mottled Eel Southern Mouthbrooder
Giant Mottled Eel Orange-Fringed River Bream
Estuarine Round Herring Canary Kurper
Southern Kneria Lowveld Largemouth
River Sardine Banded Tilapia
Southern Barred Minnow Redbreast Tilapia
Breede River Redfin Mozambique Tilapia (Blue Kurper)
Berg River Redfin Black Tilapia
Eastern Cape Redfin Nile Tilapia
Smallscale Redfin Israeli Tilapia
Fiery Redfin Blackspot Climbing Perch
Slender Redfin Manyspined Climbing Perch
Maloti Minnow Eastern Cape Rocky
Chubbyhead barb Cape Kurper
Redtail Barb Bull Shark
Marico barb Smalltooth Sawfish
Amatola Barb Bald Glassy
Treur River Barb Slender Glassy
Broadstriped Barb Longspine Glassy
Barotose Barb Cape Silverside
Line Spotted Barb Flathead Mullet
Shortfin Barb Freshwater Mullet
Sidespot Barb Large Scale Mullet
Goldie Barb Freshwater Pipefish
Longbeard Barb Short Tail Pipefish
Hyphen Barb River Bream
Bowstripe Barb Round Moony
East Coast Barb Oval Moony
Beira Barb Dusky Sleeper
Threespot Barb Broadhead Sleeper
Clanwilliam Redfin Golden Sleeper
Twee Rivier Redfin Freshwater Goby
Orangefin Barb Burrowing Goby
Namaqua Barb Tank Goby
Border Barb River Goby
Rosefin Barb Sibayi Goby
Straightfin Barb Checked Goby
Papermouth Southern Churchill
Plump Barb Longarm Mullet
Clanwilliam Sawfin Striped Mullet
Berg-Breede River Whitefish Barnard's Rock Catfish
Vaal-Orange Largemouth Yellowfish Clanwilliam Rock Catfish
Vaal-Orange Smallmouth Yellowfish Rock Catfish
Kwazulu Natal Yellowfish Natal Mountain Catfish
Bushveld Small Scale Yellowfish Common (Stargazer) Mountain Catfish
Clanwilliam Yellowfish Silver Catfish
Lowveld Large Scale Yellowfish Sharptooth Catfish
Incomati Chiselmouth Blunttooth Catfish
Moggel Snake Catfish
Orange River Mudfish Pennant Tailed Suckermouth
Tugela Labeo Incomati Suckermouth
Clanwilliam Sandfish Phongolo Suckermouth
Rednose Labeo Sawfin Suckermouth
Silver Labeo Shortspine Suckermouth
Purple Labeo Lowveld Suckermouth
Redeye Labeo Brown Squeaker
Leadan Labeo Cape Galaxias
Common Carp Brown Trout
Common Goldfish Rainbow Trout
Grass Carp Brook Charr
Silver Carp Spotted Killfish
Tench Rainbow Killfish
Imberi Johnston's Topminnow
Striped Robber Natal Topminnow
Silver Robber Striped Topminnow
Tigerfish Mosquito Fish
Swordtail Guppy

Saltwater Species

Southern Africa, blessed with a coastline that includes two oceans, has a great diversity of saltwater fish species.

Atlantic Ocean - West Coast

The West Coast has an Atlantic Ocean coastline where the cold Benguella Current flows sluggishly northwards.The west coast offers some of the richest fishing opportunities in the world and thanks to the cold water, fishing is the primary tourist attraction all along this coast.

Indian Ocean - East Coast

The East Coast is warmed by the warm Mozambique current. Here you will find a greater variety of of fish species, which are more ornate. The warmer water means the predation levels are increased, so most of the fish species here would have evolved accordingly. This coast has a predominance of large, fast predatory fish and smaller fish which have advanced defence mechanisms.

South Africa's Saltwater Fish Species List

Elephantfish Spotted Halfbeak
Silvertip Shark Crimson Squirrelfish
Bronze Whaler Crown Squirrelfish
Spinner Shark Sailfish
Bull (Zambezi) Shark Black Marlin
Blacktip Shark Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin
Dusky Shark Striped Marlin
Sandbar Shark Barred Flagtail
Blackspot Shark Grey Chub
Tiger Shark Natal Wrasse
Soupfin Shark Saddleback Hogfish
Hardnose Shark Diana's Hogfish
Houndshark Lined Hogfish
Spotted Gullyshark Goldsaddle Hogfish
Milkshark Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse
Blue Stingray Goldbar Wrasse
Butterflyray Rainbow Wrasse
Honeycomb Stingray Ladder Wrasse
Sharpnose Stingray Toothed Soapy
Bluespotted Ribbontail Soapy
Round Ribbontail Slender Deep-Sea Soapy
Cowshark Grey Barenose
Whitespotted Shark Yellowfin Emperor
Great White Shark Longnose Emperor
Devilray Blue Emperor
Spotted Eagleray Tripletail
Eagleray Streaker
Bullray River Snapper
Flapnose Ray Twinspot Snapper
Ragged Tooth Shark Spotsnapper
Leopard Shark Humpback Snapper
Largetooth Sawfish Bluebanded Snapper
Spearnose Skate Speckled Snapper
Lesser Guitarfish One-Spot Snapper
Greyspot Guitarfish Bloodsnapper
Giant Guitarfish Emperor Snapper
Banded Catshark Rosy Jobfish
Tiger Catshark Oxeye Tarpon
Puffadder Shyshark Moonfish
Striped Catshark Hake
Blackspotted Catshark Cape Moony
Leopard Catshark Southern Mullet
Smooth Hammerhead Shark Striped Mullet
Spotted Spiny Dogfish Flathead Mullet
Bluntnose Spiny Dogfish Longarm Mullet
African Angelshark Indian Goatfish
Marbled Electric Ray Banddot Goatfish
Painted Surgeon Backsaddle Goatfish
Convict Surgeon Yellowbanded Goatfish
Yellowfin Surgeon Pike Conger
Longhorn Unicorn Honeycomb Moray Eel
Bonefish Yellowedged Moray Eel
Slender Glassy Slender Giant Moray Eel
Longspine Glassy Silverflash Spinecheek
Masked Cardinal Kingklip
White Seacatfish Cape Knifejaw
Cape Silverside Natal Knifejaw
Hardyhead Silverside Longhorn Cowfish
Clown Triggerfish Dusky Sweeper
Rectangular Triggerfish Bartail Flathead
Bridle Triggerfish Striped Barbel
Barred Needlefish Eel Barbel
Yellowfin Needlefish Striped Threadfin
Maned Blenny Emperor Angelfish
Largetooth Flounder Semicircle Angelfish
Shrimp Scad Old Woman
Threadfin Mirrorfish Fourbar Damsel
Indian Mirrorfish Spot Damsel
Longfin Kingfish Sergeant Major
Shortfin Kingfish Clownfish
Longnose Kingfish Shad Elf
Blue Kingfish Cobia
Yellowspotted Kingfish Kob (Daga, Kabeljou)
Bludger King Kob
Bumpnose Kingfish Cape Salmon
Malabar Kingfish Longfin Kob
Giant Kingfish Mini Kob
Bluefin Kingfish Snapper Kob
Brassy Kingfish Baardman
Blacktip Kingfish Saury
Bigeye Kingfish Wahoo
Slender Scad Frigate Tuna
Rainbow Runner Eastern Little Tuna
Golden Kingfish Oceanic Bonito (Skipjack)
Garrick (Leervis) Indian Mackerel
Torpedo Scad Striped Bonito
Largemouth Queenfish Chub Mackerel
Needlescaled Queenfish Couta
Cape Yellowtail Queen Mackerel
Longfin Yellowtail Longfin tuna
Black Banded Yellowtail Yellowfin Tuna
African Pompano Bigeye Tuna
Snubnose Pompano Jacopever
Largespot Pompano (Wave Garrick) Devil Firefish
Horse Mackerel Bigscale Scorpionfish
Razorfish False Jacopever
Threadfin Butterflyfish Stonefish
Brown Butterflyfish Stonebream
Spotted Butterflyfish Sea Goldfish
Whitespotted Butterflyfish Peacock Rockcod
Halfmoon Butterflyfish Coral Rockcod
Pearly Butterflyfish Tomato Rockcod
Doublesash Butterflyfish White Edged Rockcod
Maypole Butterflyfish Spotted Rockcod
Rightangle Butterflyfish Brownspotted Rockcod
Limespot Butterflyfish Redbarred Rockcod
Vagabond Butterflyfish Yellowtail Rockcod
Longnose Butterflyfish Yellowbelly Rockcod
Coachman Brindle Bass
Milkfish Malabar Rockcod
Butterfish Halfmoon Rockcod
Natal Fingerfin Potato Bass
Wolfherring Swallowtail Rockcod
Spotted Hawkfish Whitespotted Rabbitfish
Grass Klipfish Silver Sillago
East Coast Roundherring East Coast Sole
Estuarine Roundherring Blackhand Sole
Kelee Shad River Bream
Pilchard Soldierbream
Galjoen King Soldierbream
Banded Galjoen Carpenter
Dorado Fransmaddam
Fringelip Tonguesole Santer
Cave Bass Englishman
Sickle Fish Dageraad
Remora Shark Red Stumpnose
Springer Roman
Cape Anchovy False Englishman
Glassnose Slinger
Longfin Batfish White Karanteen
Spadefish Black Musselcracker
Snoek (Barracouta) Zebra Fish
Smallscale Pursemouth Blacktail (Dassie)
Threadfin Pursemouth John Brown
Tank Goby West Coast Steenbras
African Mudhopper White Steenbras
Sixstripe Soapfish Sand Steenbras
Sailfin Rubberlip Blue Hottentot
Dusky Rubberlip Hottentot
Lemonfish Bronze Bream
Whitebarred Rubberlip Natal Sandbream
Minstrel Red Steenbras
Spotted Grunter German
Grey Grunter Blueskin
Javelin Grunter Scotsman
Saddle Grunter Seventyfour
Cock Grunter Dane
Pinky (Olive) Grunter Panga
Strepie Cape Stumpnose
Striped Grunter White Stumpnose
White Musselcracker Natal Stumpnose
Streentjie Bigeye Stumpnose
Great Barracuda Largescale Lizardfish
Pickhandle Barracuda Thornfish
Evileyed Puffer Blackback
Milkspotted Puffer Cape Gurnard
Cuttlefish Target John Dory
Moorish Idol  


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